Katie Waissel could have been called one of the quieter members of the Celebrity Big Brother house – but no longer.

She had an explosive row with fellow contestant Heavy D, accusing him of bullying and being rude to women.

I get the strong feeling that @KatieWeasel and @HeavyHeavyd don't like each other too much … #CBB

— Cecilia Bartholemew (@Soul_cleanser) August 17, 2016

Absolutely hate @HeavyHeavyd his a nasty vile bully!!! #CBB

— ✩kate✩ (@meissexykate) August 17, 2016

They had a huge argument, with Katie exclaiming that her grandma was more famous than him.

"Your a waste of space" couldn't have put it better katie❤️ #CBB #CBBkatie

— clapham_austin (@eastendoaks) August 17, 2016

When #HeavyD tried to antagonise #BBKatie and she destroyed him with one liners 👌🏻😂 #CBB pic.twitter.com/JiiIZj41jR

— Laura Byrne® (@laurabyrne2008) August 17, 2016

Well done Katie tho! 👏 "my grandma is more famous than you" 😂😂 #cbb

— rosie.. (@MissxRosie) August 17, 2016

Viewers absolutely loved Katie’s kick-ass responses.

😂😂 @katiewaissel24 just slayed, & slayed with style & intelligence 💯The utmost respect and love for that girl! 🔥 👏🏽👏🏽 #cbb

— Cayden (@CaydenRads) August 17, 2016

Go one Katie 👌 #CBB

— SakinaL96 (@sakina_53) August 17, 2016

Good on Katie for arguing back and standing up for herself! #CBB #CBBUK

— Chloe (@_chloehx_) August 17, 2016

I have a new found love for Katie Waissel #CBB

— mais (@maisiegottssss) August 17, 2016

After the argument it was revealed that Heavy D had received the fewest public votes and had been evicted.