Fans of EastEnders are absolutely fuming over the news that beloved Albert Square regular Dot Branning may lose her job.

The character, played by Walford veteran June Brown, discovered that the launderette in which she works is going to be turned into a dry cleaners by her elusive boss Mr Papadopolous Jr.

Adding to the uncertainty over her future, Dot was told she would have to reapply for her job if she wants to stay.

Will Dot lose her job on EastEnders? (BBC/Jack Barnes)

When asked by customer Shirley Carter if she was okay during the latest episode, a distraught Dot replied: “Well, that depends on the fabric content of your wardrobe.

“Mr Papadopolous Junior, he’s having the place turned into a dry cleaners!”

She then revealed that she would have to be interviewed for her own job, the one she has been doing years on the BBC soap.

Fans of the soap were incensed at the idea, though, and took to Twitter to air their frustration and sadness over the possibility of her redundancy.

I can't imagine the Laudrette without Dot #EastEnders

— EastendersFan (@xEastendersx) September 27, 2016

Dot cant loose her job,it wont be the same wivout her there even if they do change it into a dry cleaners @bbceastenders #EastEnders 🎬🎥🎭📺☺👍❤

— ♥Kezza_Lou♥ (@KerryLouiseRoss) September 27, 2016

#Eastenders Life without dot at the launderette is a scary thought…XX 🙂

— Chloe 2 cats & stray (@ChloeDelores111) September 27, 2016

Oh how I love Dot!! She's such a legend. I hope this isn't the end for the launderette. #EastEnders

— Sam (@sxmwillixms) September 27, 2016

Will Dot be reduced to working at McClunkey's? #EastEnders

— Patrick O (@patrickse4) September 27, 2016

Oh is this the end of Dot's laundrette? 🤔🙊 #EastEnders

— Garry Enfield (@EnfieldGarry) September 27, 2016

It can not be a launderete without Dot nooo! #eastenders 😱

— Daniel Graham-Jones (@djdanivon) September 27, 2016

One person saw the bright side, though…

To be fair, Dot, you've been working at the most popular (only?) launderette still working in London for years… #EastEnders

— Thomas Marriott (@ThomMarriott) September 27, 2016