Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong suited his lead role as an ageing punk rocker in new film Ordinary World, according to co-star Judy Greer.

Billie Joe, 44, plays Perry, a middle-aged, nostalgia-filled father yearning for his high school rock band.

The film – directed and written by Lee Kirk – is his second foray into acting in two years after he appeared in 2014′s Like Sunday, Like Rain.

(Jack Plunkett/AP)

Arrested Development star Judy plays Christy, an old flame of Perry’s. She said the Green Day rocker’s involvement was one of her reasons for starring in the film.

She said: “I wanted to work with Billie Joe Armstrong – he’s amazing. I have been a Green Day fan since forever. I thought he was brilliant and it was so fun to watch him and work with him.

“He’s a total peach. He is such a normal guy. He loves his sons and his wife and all his dogs and just loves to play music. I thought it was such a good role for him. It’s weird to see him now on stage rocking out because I don’t even know that version of him.”

Asked if she had any news about a new Arrested Development series or film, Judy – who played Kitty Sanchez in the hit show – said she had “no information” but liked the idea of a movie.

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She compared Will Arnett’s character in the show, which was rebooted by Netflix in 2012, to US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“Gob right now is giving me the most Trump-like performance,” she said.

On the upcoming US election, Judy said she was “more than 100% in support of Hillary” but was preparing for a Trump victory.

She said: “In California you talk to anyone out here and everyone is like ‘of course Hillary is going to win’. But in the primaries everyone was like ‘Trump will never be the nominee’. And then it happened.

“You have to assume that it will so that you can fight really hard so that it doesn’t. You can’t look at LA or NY and say this is the feeling of the country because it’s just not.”