Lady Gaga has dropped the video for her track Perfect Illusion and it’s making her Little Monsters want to leap up and dance.

The pop star is seen throwing some seriously intense shapes in the desert in the chaotic video.


— Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) September 21, 2016

With her blonde mane in a ponytail and clad in a pair of the skimpiest denim shorts, Gaga rocks out like never before.

As she is joined by a group of fellow dancers mid-way through the video, the star starts moshing with a wild look in her eyes, flipping her hair back and forth in a frenzy that Britney Spears would envy.

The song had already gone down a storm with her fans, and now the video is following suit.

*I'm so tired lately, I should go to sleep earlier*
Gaga: premieres the 'Perfect Illusion' music video

— Lady Gaga Sons (@GagaSons) September 21, 2016

iTunes USA:
48. Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion (-1)

— The Bosh (@bchartsbr) September 21, 2016

Perfect illusion mv makes me wanna dance and party 💃🏼 @ladygaga

— jerome 🌹 (@jeromegonzales_) September 21, 2016

With each play i love the Perfect Illusion video even more

— ionuț | Lady Gaga (@BraveForGaga95) September 21, 2016

Perfect Illusion makes me want to dance around like crazy

— Aidan (@aidanhalls) September 21, 2016

Of course, you can’t please everyone…

Some fans are missing the Gaga of old.

Just watched the perfect illusion video. I miss bad romance & dance in the dark gaga.

— Matthew (@mattyyygus) September 21, 2016