It was only a matter of time before Charlotte Tilbury unveiled her own fragrance, and naturally she’s enlisted her BFF, Kate Moss, as the face. It’s really quite handy having the world’s biggest model on speed dial.

However, it seems her first ever perfume, Scent of a Dream, (or as the lady herself calls it, the ‘Key to Attraction’) should come with a warning label – if the spiel is anything to go by. It’s said to stop people in their tracks due to it’s hypnotic smell. Speaking of the creation, Charlotte explains that she was inspired by the research of some incredibly clever Nobel-Prize winning neuro-scientists, who made the direct link between the olfactory part of the brain and the limbic system, which is responsible for emotion and memory: ‘It has the power to attract your magical future and ignite positive memories of your past.’ Uh, ok then…

The bottle is typical Charlotte – hints of rose gold and touches of old Hollywood glamour. The fluted glass bottle looks like it belongs on a vintage nightstand next to a rotary dial phone.

And the smell? ‘I have created an original magic scent. It combines intoxicating floral extracts and musks with newly-discovered psycho-active ingredients.’ In other words: the top notes include peppy lemon, peach and black pepper, followed by florals, such as tuberose, jasmine and patchouli, whilst the base is made up of pheromone notes, said to stimulate desire and are activated by body heat. Whoof. Whilst, we’re not entirely sure about it’s ‘magical’ powers, it’s definitely a scent you want to get a whiff of.

Make sure to pop the 15th August into your diaries – you’ll be able to get your hands on the fragrance, plus the advert with Kate Moss goes live on

Scent of a Dream, £68 for 50ml.