Kat Von D makeup has been on our beauty wishlist since 2008, literally. Her awesome tattoo artist meets rock and roll makeup might have existed since Adele released her tearjerker (and X Factor fave) Make You Feel My Love (yup, that long ago) but it’s never been available in the UK.

Until now. Hitting Debenhams everywhere with some serious attitude, Kat Von D’s epic makeup collection is finally within our grasp. The best bit? It’s completely cruelty free so you can be badass and animal friendly, hooray!

And to top it off she's just hit us with her epic new Alchemist palette. Taking no less than seven, yes SEVEN, years to formulate and design, the highlighter/eyeshadow palette is finally hitting stores (and our makeup bags) on Christmas Eve. The LA Ink star hasn't revealed much but what we do know is the palette is cruelty free (like the rest of her range) and the snazzy holographic packaging is even made from biodegradeable plastic. Holla to all our environmentally friendly babes out there.
Can't wait until the 25th to get your hands on some Kat Von D awesomeness? See below for our pick of the hottest 6 products that you need to get your hands on asap!
1. Studded Kiss Lipstick, £16
First up, have you seen the packaging? SO cool. Taking the name literally, the studded packaging (inspired by Kat’s signature studded cuff of course) might just be the best thing to land on our dressing table for a long time. With a whopping 39 shades including a black glitter and a metallic green, there’s every badass lip colour you could ever want. And they’re vegan. Best lipsticks ever.

2. Lock-It Liquid Foundation, £27
Wave goodbye to shiny skin and spots, this super pigmented foundation covers all sins without making you break out. And because we like to party all night, the long wear finish means our skin is perfect 24 hours later. And guess what? It’s also vegan! We’re sensing a trend…

3. Tattoo Liner, £16
If you haven’t checked out Kat Von D’s awesome face tattoos then what have you been doing?? Working a sprinkling of black stars on her forehead, Kat uses her Tattoo Liner to top up the colour and draw on a few extras in when she fancies it. Ok, we might not be faking tattoos with ours but the pen style nib and super black shade means we totes could if we wanted to.

4. Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette, £36
Containing every matte eyeshadow you could ever want (and then some), this epic eye palette is the easiest way to get that sculpted Insta-eye look. And if you’re feeling lazy, why not try the eye contour shades on the rest of your face. Use those multi-tasking talents of yours ladies!

5. Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, £16
Named so because it will. Not. Budge. A uber long lasting matte finish packed full of Vitamin E and Sunflower Seed Wax so your lips don’t dry out and it’s clear we’ve found our fave new liquid lipstick. Oh, and there’s 26 shades. We’ll take a red, a nude, a bright pink… actually we’ll take them all.

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6. Shade + Light Face Contour Palette, £36
There’s contour palettes and there’s contour palettes, and this is THE contour palette. With 6 matte shades to create shadow and light for any skin tone, it’s one palette suits all. Blend the finely milled powders into your skin for the most natural contour ever. Think Kat Von D, not Kim K.

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