Lipstick’s a pretty powerful thing you know? With a slick of colour, it’s the added confidence boost you never knew you needed. It brightens up your face, but also your morning. However, there's more to it than meets the eye… If you open up your makeup bag, take out your lipsticks and line them up next to one another, chances are they’ll all look the same, because you and your lips have moulded them into identical shapes. But other than annoying your BFF when she asks to borrow your lippie, what does it actually mean?

Rounded tip

You’re an easygoing gal. Yes, you wear lipstick occasionally – you bought a lovely pillar box red about three years ago and it’s still going strong – but you’re a slave to a moisturising balm. (Your handbag is home to a pot of Vaseline and at least three Carmex.) It’s not that you don’t like lipstick; it’s just that you think that it should be saved for a special event, like a birthday party or a wedding. You glide it on once and then forget about it for the rest of the evening. Why on earth would you wear it to the office? You’d rather your work stand out, not your lips.

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Diagonal slant

Your lippie looks identical to when you first bought it, that’s because you work a strong lip and use the defined lines to perfect. You don’t take risks and are a stickler for the rules; you often match your lip colour to your mani-pedi. You’re such a perfectionist in fact, that you’ve been known to correct people’s grammar in Whatsapp conversations and regularly tell your boyfriend off if he’s two minutes late for date night. Rules weren’t made for breaking; they keep the world spinning on its axis.

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Flat top

You’re a busy person and time is precious. The expression ‘burns the candle at both ends’ could have been created for you. You’re the one hitting ‘attending’ on every Facebook event invitation. You press hard when applying your colour, hence the flattening, and do it quickly, on-the-go with zero f**** given. You have about three different lippies on rotation and aren’t loyal to any of them. Come to think of it, you’re like the Leonardo Dicaprio of the lipstick world!

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