Can you guess who is ruining Piers Morgan’s holiday?

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Piers Morgan is taking some down time in the south of France but there is just one fly in the ointment.

Lord Sugar keeps turning up everywhere he goes!

Oh FFS. Of all the bays in all the world, look who just sailed into mine… @Lord_Sugar #LadyA #NeighbourhoodGone

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) August 27, 2016

The pair have known each other for years and frequently bicker online and exchange barbed tweets, often about their respective football teams.

And now Piers is on his hols in St Tropez, it seems he can’t take a break from Lord Sugar.

Lunch ruined. #Club55 #StTropez #NextBloodyTable @Lord_Sugar

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) August 27, 2016

You know you love each other really, Piers.

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