Chill out, vlog fans – the greatest union in the vlogosphere is not happening quite yet…

Alfie Deyes and Zoella’s followers got themselves into a bit of a frenzy this weekend over a Snapchat photo of a ring that seemed to suggest wedding bells were imminent.

@mattezoella @PointlessBlog

— beth loves zoë♡ [PB] (@_velvetzalfie) August 27, 2016

But the man behind Pointless Blog appears to have cleared up any misunderstandings about the snap by tweeting that all is not as their fans may have assumed.

It's not what you think it is 💍

— Alfie Deyes (@PointlessBlog) August 27, 2016

It’ll come as a relief to some of Alfie’s more ardent admirers, who mobbed him in Edinburgh’s Apple store when he went in to upload his latest musings during a vlogger holiday to the city with Zoella, Poppy Deyes and Sean Elliott O’Connor.

Went into the apple store to upload tonights vlog..lets just say things were CRAZY…!! You guys filled the entire store & I got taken out 😂

— Alfie Deyes (@PointlessBlog) August 26, 2016