Strictly Come Dancing returned to TV screens with a bang, as the first six celebrities put their dancing shoes on for their first proper dances with their partners.

It was all very exciting, and everybody did such a good job – especially Greg Rutherford and Ore Oduba, who both topped the leaderboard with 27 points apiece.

But on Twitter, fans of the show were mostly talked about Judge Rinder’s astonishing performance, a high-octane, fast-paced cha-cha to Mercy with his partner Oksana Platero.

Strictly Come Dancing’s Judge Rinder and Oksana Platero (BBC/Guy Levy)

Putting the boy in flamboyant! @JudgeRinderTV and @OksanaDmytrenko #Strictly

— BBC Strictly✨ (@bbcstrictly) September 23, 2016

People were also overawed by his chest, which was pretty much the only thing worth looking at throughout the performance thanks to his unbuttoned shirt. Phew!

Even head judge Len Goodman was impressed, as he told the TV star: “You put the boy in flamboyant!”

He didn’t manage to top the leaderboard, coming in joint second place with Laura Whitmore with a respectable 25 points, but it’s looking like he may go far in the competition.

I'll be honest, I still haven't recovered from Judge Rinder. #Strictly #SCD @JudgeRinderTV

— Maddie Soper (@misformaddie) September 23, 2016

Oh @JudgeRinderTV is literally my fave ever #Strictly xx

— Nikki Grahame (@NikkiGrahame) September 23, 2016

Oh my god! What was that? That was the best thing I've ever seen! #JudgeRinder #Strictly

— Niamh (@NiamhMcG_) September 23, 2016

Loved #Strictly tonight!! @JudgeRinderTV is utter perfection!

— Lydia (@lydia_hazel) September 23, 2016

. @JudgeRinderTV for me on #Strictly bar far the most entertaining and a brilliant dancer

— Georgia Irving (@irvgirl) September 23, 2016

Judge Rinder is bloody brilliant #Strictly

— shell🌹 (@rochell_ee) September 23, 2016

Move over Brangelina, Judge Rinder's chest is the biggest bombshell of 2016 #StrictlyComeDancing

— Sophie Banner (@sophiebanner94) September 23, 2016

I swear Judge Rinder was underscored. *folds arms* #strictly

— ✨✌★ (@rockthrough) September 23, 2016

Best description ever 'You put the boy in flamboyant'#JudgeRinder this going to be the best #Strictly

— Jackie Brook (@TheJackieBrook) September 23, 2016

judge rinder on strictly is revolutionary

— abi (@abigailthomas_) September 23, 2016

Let out an involuntary "ooh, Jesus!" when Judge Rinder revealed his chest. 👁 #scd

— B E G L E Y (@JosephBegley) September 23, 2016

Judge Rinder OMG, I was not expecting that 😳😳 #Strictly

— Sasha Tadman (@SparklyLion) September 23, 2016

OMG Judge Rinder just ripped up the dance floor,this is my face😄😄😄 watching that #judgerinder #strictly2016

— Emma Robinson (@emmalrobs21) September 23, 2016

Judge Rinder is so fab, omg the sass is unreal 💁 – L

— Lauren & Rachel 🌸 (@tftbblog) September 23, 2016

OMG Judge Rinder was SO good! Loved it!!!! #Strictly

— Beth ✨ (@BethJackson1x) September 23, 2016

He even has a fan in Gary Barlow, and Richard Osman too.

Judge Rinder to win #strictly

— Gary Barlow (@GaryBarlow) September 23, 2016

Loving Judge Rinder. Guilty as cha cha charged #Strictly

— Richard Osman (@richardosman) September 23, 2016

For many, he is the early favourite, but we’ll just have to see how the rest of the series goes.