Hyacinth Bucket fans were always going to be a tough crowd to please when it comes to the comedy prequel of Keeping Up Appearances – especially when the original Hyacinth herself Patricia Routledge didn’t even think much of it.

But many viewers settled in on a Friday night with an open mind – and really liked what they saw.

#YoungHyacinth has a warm Sunday evening snuggly feeling. I really like it. #KeepingUpAppearances

— Cat (@sparkles589) September 2, 2016

It may be a prequel and a one off but that was incredibly funny and a worthy addition to the original series #YoungHyacinth

— Jordan Welsh (@jordan_welshy) September 2, 2016

I know the awesome Patricia Routledge was brilliantly withering about the prospect, but I am loving #YoungHyacinth. OTT but marvellous.

— Carol Percy (@DrCarolPercy) September 2, 2016

#YoungHyacinth was charming and funny. I loved it. I really hope they make a series of it.

— Rich (@richjb1987) September 2, 2016

They thought Kerry Howard as a young Hyacinth was brill.

Absolutely LOVED #YoungHyacinth kerry howard nailed Hyacinth 👌🏼 #MorePlease @BBCOne

— Kimmy (@barleyboo) September 2, 2016

@THEKERRYHOWARD well done on #YoungHyacinth, you had Patricia's Hyacinth down to a tee! @BBCOne #KeepingUpAppearances

— David Cowan (@davidcowan9) September 2, 2016

Wow young Hyacinth has the voice & mannerisms down to a tee. When she grabs William on the boat! It's freakishly similar. #YoungHyacinth

— oaktreeonahill (@oaktreeonahill) September 2, 2016

LOVED #YoungHyacinth
Kerry Howard is so believable as a younger Patricia Routledge and is a new comedy gem for @BBCOne
I hope there's more

— MrGayWorld StuHatton (@hattondancer) September 2, 2016

But not everyone was sold on the show.

I'm still watching in case it gets better…
Will it?#YoungHyacinth

— Sam Ellis (@SamCEllis) September 2, 2016

One thing #YoungHyacinth nails is the fine art of stretching out nothing happening for over 15 minutes. Was there a plot somewhere?

— Laura (@uisgebeatha) September 2, 2016

📞 SHERIDAN! This isn't nearly as funny as #KeepingUpAppearances so far. #YoungHyacinth #SitcomSeason pic.twitter.com/ycE0O4Zf5G

— Ant Babajee (@t4rdis) September 2, 2016

Ten seconds into #YoungHyacinth and I'm done already. I like the church pew in the hall though. Right, back to #Netflix

— Rebecca Major (@BecMajor) September 2, 2016

We guess there’s just no pleasing some people.