It’s back and sparklier than ever – Strictly Come Dancing 2016 put on its dancing shoes tonight and matched up some winning couples.

This first episode just shows us who will be dancing together, before the contestants retreat to the training room for three weeks to be transformed into ballroom dancers.

How do they pad out basically picking teams into an hour and a half?! #Strictly

— Matthew Pont (@matthewpont) September 3, 2016

Strictly’s class of 2016 (BBC)

But viewers already had serious dancer body envy.

Right that's it. The leg envy has kicked in sooner than expected. #perfectpins #Strictly #dancers 💃🏻👯

— Beth Livesey (@Beth_Livesey) September 3, 2016

Is there any way for me to get dancer's legs without the years of dancing? *picks up crisps* #Strictly

— Maïa Dunphy (@MaiaDunphy) September 3, 2016

Ok, who else is watching this going "Yep, yep, I'd better go to the gym tomorrow then?" #strictly

— Scott Reid ⚡️ (@scottreid1980) September 3, 2016

It wasn’t long before the traditional speculation started about who this year’s real-life couples would be.

Which couple will have the first relationship. #Strictly

— governor (@davidhorspool1) September 3, 2016

Anyone spotted this year's home-wrecker yet? #strictly

— Matthew Britten (@matthewbritten) September 3, 2016

Claudia and Tess are back (BBC)

And before the celebrity matchmaking got started, we were also excited to see our favourite hosts back on screen.

My love for Claudia Winkleman has no limits. Just want to call her crazy Aunt Claudia #Strictly

— Joe Hops (@Joe_JHopkins) September 3, 2016

There seem to be an awful lot of nice contestants signed up this year – Louise Redknapp, Anastacia, Greg Rutherford, Will Young…

Kevin from Grimsby and @LouiseRedknapp Great pairing. Louise seems like such a lovely, lovely person. 😊👍🏻 #Strictly

— Kelly Florentia (@kellyflorentia) September 3, 2016

Anastacia steals the show every time she's on camera. Love her! #Strictly @bbcstrictly

— Tom Stockton (@Tom__Stockton) September 3, 2016

Will Young partners Karen Clifton (BBC)

#strictly @GregJRutherford and Nathalie #perfectpairing Greg good luck athletics nicest man ever

— samson (@anniebelle1) September 3, 2016

Will Young is an absolute sweetheart ❤️ #Strictly

— Ellen (@Ellen_Claire) September 3, 2016

We’ve already spotted this year’s comedians – Melvin Odoom, Judge Rinder and Tameka Empson.

Judge Rinder and Oksana Platero (BBC)

@bbcstrictly @Melvinodoom @JManrara Love Melvin he's crackers #StrictlyComeDancing

— Zach Bruce (@Zach_bruce) September 3, 2016

Judge Rinder is jokes ahahaha

— AD (@AlexDay96) September 3, 2016

Cannot wait to see Tameka dance. She's definitely going to be the life and soul of the party!#Strictly

— Marissa AFC (@marissatom16) September 3, 2016

But let’s be honest, Strictly 2016 is about one man and one man only. Ed Balls. Here was the reaction of pro dancer Katya Jones at being partnered with him.

And the Oscar for best fake happiness, goes to… #Strictly

— ChrisAWykes (@ChrisAWykes) September 3, 2016

Fans could not believe what they were seeing in the group dance.

Based on that dance, Ed Balls has about as much chance of making it to Blackpool as Corbyn does to Downing St. #strictly

— Daniel Pashley (@eurodan) September 3, 2016

Let's be honest, we're all here for Ed Balls. #SCD #strictly

— Maddie Soper (@misformaddie) September 3, 2016

Ed Balls 'pouty dance face' is making me feel a bit uncomfortable #Strictly2016 #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing

— Sophie Kellett (@SophieKellett) September 3, 2016

I swear my daughter just pointed at Ed Balls and said "Daddy." #strictly

— Maria Chi-Band (@itsasheactually) September 3, 2016

Ed Balls and partner Katya Jones (BBC)

His outfit drew particular attention.

What is Ed Balls wearing in the group dance?! Looks like he's going to the golf club afterwards #Strictly #Strictly2016

— The Forster-Smiths (@ForsterSmiths1) September 3, 2016

Ed Ball dressed like he's waiting for a flight #Strictly

— Emma Hood (@ECHood94) September 3, 2016

Ed Balls looks like a spangly darts player #Strictly

— Sarah Jane O'Neill (@s_joneill) September 3, 2016

But if anyone was going to distract us from Ed, it was definitely Judge Rinder.

That looked dangerously like a sex face from Judge Rinder #strictly

— WenchyLaRue (@Nic_Smith1402) September 3, 2016

The next three weeks can’t go fast enough!