Key U.S. stock market indexes rose slightly in midday trading on election day as voters render a verdict on the most angry and divisive election in modern times. Many analysts predict a modest gain in stock prices and a movement toward riskier investments if Democrat Hillary Clinton wins. Analysts predict a sharp decline in stock prices, and a move to safe haven assets if Donald Trump becomes president. The billionaire real estate mogul and former reality TV star has promised major changes in U.S. trade, taxes, and regulation, creating a level of uncertainty that troubles investors. Clinton has been critical of U.S. trade policies and major financial firms, but is seen by investors as more predictable than Trump. During the campaign, stock prices often declined when Trump gained strength in public opinion polls, and rose when it appeared that Clinton's chance of winning improved. Economics played a key role in this election, as much of Trump's support came from white, working class voters without college degrees who have been hurt by the loss of millions of manufacturing jobs in recent years. Trump has promised to bring those jobs back with a stern approach to trade issues. Many economists say his plans are unworkable. Meanwhile, the U.S. economy continues its frustratingly slow recovery from the financial crisis. The latest GDP figures, which measure economic growth, show the world's largest economy expanded at a 2.9 percent annual rate in July, August, and September. Incomes, which have been stagnant for years, have begun to grow faster than inflation. During the height of the recession, the unemployment rate hit 10 percent, but has now dropped to 4.9 percent.