The Premier League is a pretty scary division – from terrifying forward lines like Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge in the 2013/14 season, to horrifying defensive mistakes.

So in slightly more light-hearted fashion, we thought we’d put together a Halloween XI. We start with the team name, manager and venue…

(Martin Rickett/PA)

Team name: Real Morbid
Manager: Louis van Ghoul
Stadium: Stadium of Fright

Hearing mention of LVG’s name again might give a few Manchester United fans the heebie jeebies.


(John Walton/EMPICS Sport)

We can’t think of a better stopper than Petr-ified Cech, who, in actual fact, usually attends to the business of scaring Premier League strikers who are through on goal.


(Mike Egerton/PA)

It’s a back five for our Halloween XI, with plenty of defenders to make sure there are no monsters under the bed. John Ceme-Terry and Tony Addams Family take charge of the back line, with Jonathan Spectre, David Weirwolf and Hereee’s Jonny Evans making the side as well.


(Martin Rickett/PA)

Into the midfield we go, and it’s a pretty spooky place to be wouldn’t you agree? Patrick-or-treat Vieira takes his place in the centre of the team, and his ghoulish colleagues are Gory Delap and Jack-o’-lantern Wilshere. Hopefully there’ll be no injury scares for Jack.


(Nick Potts/PA)

The side seems a little light on goals, so here are some frightening strikers to get defences running scared.

Michy Bat-shuayi offers a great focal point, but it’s Sergio AgueroOoOoh who we think will have defenders going to sleep with the light on, after the Argentinian centre forward reached 100 Premier League goals in just 147 appearances.