West Brom and Middlesbrough laboured to a wretched 0-0 draw at The Hawthorns as viewers were treated to a game that trudged in slow pace.

The only moment there was an attempt to break the monotony was eight minutes before the break when West Brom’s Brendan Galloway forced Brad Guzan into a low stop.

But then nothing materialised from that move and the second half continued in the same uneventful, disappointing vein as the first as the teams cancelled each other out to provide no excitement.

And fans felt the boredom:

FT: There were no goals. There was no fun. Thankfully, it's all over now. #WBAMID pic.twitter.com/YyiZiheipq

— FootballFanCast.com (@FootballFanCast) August 28, 2016

Remember folks that this is "the best league in the world" zzzz #WBAMID

— The Duke (@richard_aim) August 28, 2016

Have to admire the commentator. Really trying make it sound interesting. Should get man of the match! #WBAMID

— Mor (@MorHealy) August 28, 2016

What a snoozefest #WBAMID

— Fishani Chiume (@Shanie_Chiume) August 28, 2016

Watching #WBAMID right now…#PL pic.twitter.com/71AZSl9jFC

— HalfAGoal (@Half_A_Goal) August 28, 2016

That 90mins of my life I'm never getting back then!! #trouble #WBAMID

— Dom Mancari (@dom_m69) August 28, 2016

You know things are bad when the crowd is clapping misplaced 50-yard spray passes across the back four. #WBAMID

— Copa90 (@Copa90) August 28, 2016

Just wanna thank @WBA and @Boro for the natural anaesthetic. Amazing how quickly I fell asleep! #WBAMID

— Sam Gold (@Sam_Gold18) August 28, 2016

What can we say? Sometimes football can be unpredictably boring.