Caitlyn Vanbeck’s X Factor audition was so good that Simon Cowell compared her to original American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson.

Even Louis Walsh heaped praise on the Scottish singer after she opened up about her battle with bullies.

Louis loves it and so do we! 👏 #XFactor

— The X Factor (@TheXFactor) August 27, 2016

Even Nicole had a little cry.

Looks like @NicoleScherzy enjoyed Caitlyn's performance, just like the rest of us..! 💘💘💘@TheXFactor #XFactor

— ITV (@ITV) August 27, 2016

After her performance, viewers at home pegged her to go the distance.

Caitlyn is my favourite so far! Such a natural voice, those bullies were just jealous they didn't have your talent #XFactor

— beckie (@rebeccahollyxo_) August 27, 2016

Live shows nailed on this girl. Remember this tweet #XFactor

— thepinkponce (@thepinkponce) August 27, 2016

I love her omg #XFactor

— Holly ✧ (@admiringburr) August 27, 2016

This girl in the Matt Cardle hat is a pro. Sign her now and send her to Nashville. #XFactor

— David Lim (@feedlimmy) August 27, 2016

So frigging proud of this ex student! So talented! Go @caitlynvanbeckx – never doubt yourself. Never! #XFactor

— John Naples-Campbell (@JNaplesCampbell) August 27, 2016

Agree with Louis Walsh for once. Caitlyn is definitely the best singer we've had so far. Her talent is out of this world #XFactor

— MR SUPERPIDGE (@superpidge) August 27, 2016

It's believable she was bullied, bullies are horrible to people who are better than them which she is bc she's talented #XFactor

— Priscilla (@Prxscillaidk) August 27, 2016