Simon Cowell had a tough decision on his hands tonight when he had to whittle down some of the X Factor favourites for live shows.

The girls stepped up at Judges’ Houses with some of the strongest auditions we’ve seen so far, and Simon turned to Spice Girls Mel B and Emma Bunton for help in the impossible task of choosing between them.

Simon had a tough choice (Thames/Syco Entertainment)

There were so many big names in his category that there were always going to be disappointed viewers and teary contestants.

Well a white shirt probably wasn't the best idea, Si. Think of all the foundation marks! #XFactor

— Laura Troke (@trokester_) October 1, 2016

But few Judges’ Houses decisions have been more controversial than ditching the former bookies’ favourite to win, Caitlyn Vanbeck.

@caitlynvanbeckx nooo – totally wrong decision @SimonCowell #xfactor 😱😱😱😨 an amazing voice! #Caitlyn

— Valerie Hill (@Portsmouth_gal) October 1, 2016

#Xfactor Noooo whyyyy??? 😩 I'm so done

— Jessica (@bubblyjessxDD) October 1, 2016

So naturally the best singer doesn't make it through 🙄 #XFactor

— Helen Sillandy (@helenlaura_94) October 1, 2016


— Mia Vessey 😘 (@_miaa_V) October 1, 2016

Many people weren’t too fussed about waving goodbye to Soheila Clifford, who they found over confident, but were sad to see Olivia Garcia go home.

So pleased that Sohelia isn't through! Far too up herself #XFactor

— Amy Johnston (@savvybeautybuy) October 1, 2016

How is @olivia___garcia not through??? Is he stupid? #XFactor

— Hollie Stobbs (@Hollie1171) October 1, 2016

Kayleigh Marie Morgan was a hit with fans of the show too, who were upset that she didn’t make the final despite making Mel B cry with her audition.

Why hasent Kayleigh got through X factor she gives me goose bumps every time!!😔

— Beth❤️ (@beautybybethxox) October 1, 2016

actual furious kayleigh hasn't gone through x factor

— pugsley (@xbethanysilcox) October 1, 2016

Gifty Louise was a popular choice to stay, as was wildcard Samantha Lavery, who was sent away pre-audition to tone down the make-up.

YASSS @GiftyLouise 🎉🎉🎉🎉 #xfactor

— ♊️ISLAND GIRL♊️ (@Irinaloko) October 1, 2016

Love Samantha, she's my favourite, with or without make-up! So glad she got through! #Xfactor #JudgesHouses 👍🏼

— Paul D (@AriesDesigns4u) October 1, 2016

And even though she took the final spot that everyone thought was going to Caitlyn, viewers were happy to see Emily Middlemas get some good news this time.

im happy for emily tho but ugh #XFactor #JudgesHouses

— king den 🎃 (@Igbtshawn) October 1, 2016

So happy for you misses @emilymiddlemas_ first you don't succeed try again🤗, can't wait to the live shows you deserve this ! #xfactor 💖

— shannon (@shanlo_x) October 1, 2016

We can’t wait to see who Sharon Osbourne and Nicole Scherzinger put through tomorrow.