What do you do when you’re an injured rugby player and sport is off the agenda?

Well, if you’re Sonny Bill Williams, you wheel yourself and your daughter around on a scooter and make life look about as carefree as it’s possible for it to be.

Do you think I can keep using the scooter once my legs fine?? Lol pic.twitter.com/1G3k3tI3Hr

— Sonny Bill Williams (@SonnyBWilliams) September 13, 2016

Williams injured his knee during the Olympic sevens tournament and is a little way away from getting back on the rugby field, but it looks like he could be lining up for the All Blacks on his scooter if he gets his way.

We taking that scooter life to another level, let us know if u want a race. Anytime we ready haha pic.twitter.com/5xFg4Qfu4r

— Sonny Bill Williams (@SonnyBWilliams) September 14, 2016

We also particularly like the voices in the background – reportedly his wife Alana and mum Lee – telling him to slow down.

Even if you’re an international rugby superstar, you’re never too old to get a telling off from your mum.