If you’re a football fan of a certain age who was lucky enough to have the channels, you’ll know that milk is what Ian Rush drinks and that if you don’t drink lots of it you’ll only be good enough to play for Accrington Stanley.

That’s because of an advert for milk which was all over TV screens in the 80s and 90s.

And brilliantly, somebody has now recreated that advert – using its original star – 27 years on from when it was first aired in 1989.

The new version is made to advertise Black Cow vodka. And if that seems a little obscure, it might make more sense when you realise that Black Cow vodka is made from milk.

The ad’s star Carl Rice said: “I never imagined that the original ad would go on to make such an impact. Thirty years of working in this industry and people still fondly remember it. I’ve even been invited up to Accrington to watch the club a few times.

“Remembering my lines for this Black Cow ad wasn’t exactly hard and the only difference was swapping the milk for milk vodka.”

And just in case you need a reminder, here’s the original…