Motorbike-riding banker Selasi did a great job winning everyone over in the first week with his nonchalant attitude to baking and tea-towel-round-the-shoulders slinging technique.

But he revved it up in week two of the Great British Bake Off when he kicked off with chilli and lime motorbike iced biscuits.

Bit spicy, Selasi…? 😳 #GBBO

— BBC One (@BBCOne) August 31, 2016

He elicited some quite spicy responses from viewers at home.

I just want somebody to look at me the way Selasi looks at Scotch bonnets. #GBBO

— Amanda (@Pandamoanimum) August 31, 2016

Selasi. He could scotch my bonnet whenever he wanted amirite ladies? #GBBO.

— Jacob (@OhHeyJacob) August 31, 2016

I just want to lick his face. #GBBO #Selasi

— 🍷 (@flowri) August 31, 2016

I'm more than a little bit in love with Selasi. Damn son. #gbbo

— Alex (@rodders_4) August 31, 2016

sexual orientation: the way selasi drapes a tea towel over his shoulder #GBBO

— Phoebe (@Flossieraptor) August 31, 2016

And when it came to the technical challenge of Viennese Whirls, he brought it on himself.

NSFW #gbbo

— selasi fan page (@richardbrady_) August 31, 2016

Selasi working a piping bag – bit much for me #GBBO

— Shaun Kitchener (@ShaunKitchener) August 31, 2016

Every time Selasi and/or Andrew are on the screen #gbbo

— Stephen Leng (@steveleng) August 31, 2016

Selasi has a way with a piping bag that makes my knees go all wibbly. #GBBO

— Helen Walmsley-J (@TheVintageYear) August 31, 2016

His relaxed character drew admiration…

#gbbo Selasi is the most relaxed man I've ever seen in the tent… Everyone's dashing about and going mad… and he's having a snack.. 😂😂

— SK (@shreya_kochhar) August 31, 2016

… and jealousy.

You know selasi was that one kid who finished every exam an hour early and just sat there stretching & mouthing 'finished' #GBBO

— Phoebe (@Flossieraptor) August 31, 2016

Unfortunately he did come last in the technical, with some flat and pale whirls.

Bad whirls, Selasi, but we’ll forgive you (BBC)

If it all goes wrong in the tent, Selasi always has an alternative career providing comfort to stressed Londoners.

I want Selasi to stand near me at work and just whisper to me that everything will be ok #GBBO

— TechnicallyRon (@TechnicallyRon) August 31, 2016

I would like my own personal Selasi to murmur "no stress, no stress" into my ear in stressful situations. #GBBO

— Bella (@poopavenger) August 31, 2016

Or just uniting Britain again.

The Brexit team should have hired Selasi. He would have saved us! #GBBO

— Nathan Grant Picot (@thengp12) August 31, 2016