The Olympics can propel a previously unknown athlete to stardom in moments, but it isn’t always because they won a medal.

Here are the best memes from the Games so far, they really do express every emotion.


🔥😂👌💪💦 Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui with the best reaction ever when she found out she won Bronze #Olympics #Rio2016

— The Fanatics View (@thefanaticsview) August 13, 2016


Swear to God I think Fu Yuanhui and I would be best friends. #FuYuanhui

— Ariel (@Loveless1000) August 11, 2016

Getting freebies in the club

when u and ya girl team up to get free drinks at the club

— Ziwe (@ziwe) August 14, 2016

Giving freebies in the club

When you gotta make across the club to slap the drink you bought her outta her hand before she gives it to her dude

— Richie Loco (@Richie_l0c0) August 15, 2016


When you're craving Chick-fil-A but it's Sunday

— Chick-fil-A(ddict) (@chickfiladdict) August 14, 2016

Pure joy

Epic celebration from Kazakhstan's Nijat Rahimov after he won gold + set world record #Rio2016

— Jumpin' De Gea (@coldplague) August 11, 2016

And most importantly WINNING

How it feels when you win a Ebay auction at the last second

— Trav NEVER Chills (@SKTV_) August 15, 2016

Let’s hope the meme-worthy moments aren’t over just yet.