Great British Bake Off hopefuls should take note… Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are fed up with macarons.

The colourful meringue-based confections have often been used in the Bake Off tent, but now the judges would like to banish them, along with over-iced cupcakes.

Macarons are not welcome on the Great British Bake Off (Larry Crowe/AP)

“The macaron has had its day,” Mary, 81, told the Radio Times, while her co-judge Paul declared: “I’m sick of macarons!”

He added: “Or those cupcakes with all that icing on. Anything that has more buttercream than it does cake is going to be a no-no for me.

“I’d ram it into someone’s face, honestly I would.”

Great British Bake Off judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry (Mark Bourdillon/BBC)

Paul, 50, also blasted health fads and dietary advice.

“These scientists pick something to hang their hat on,” he said.

“One week, wine is okay to drink, the next week it isn’t. One week butter’s okay, then it’s margarine. You can’t have wholemeal, you can’t have gluten.

Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry on the new season of the Great British Bake Off (Mark Bourdillon/BBC)

“People are educated enough to know the difference between what’s healthy and what isn’t. You can’t bludgeon them over the head with it.”

“Willpower is what it’s all about,” Mary added.

Read the full interview in this week’s issue of Radio Times.