Posh Pawn star Jo Lawlor was a favourite with the show’s fans and they are not happy that she has left the show.

Jo frequently delighted viewers with her comments on items at Prestige Asset Finance and they have made it clear they are going to miss her.

Why on earth has @joposhpawn left #poshpawn???? It's just not the same without her. πŸ™

β€” Freedy (@freedy50) August 21, 2016

She kept it real and so funny #PoshPawn #wheresjogone

β€” bbow (@BernadetteStann) August 21, 2016

@Joposhpawn missing you on #poshpawn what happened!???

β€” Mario DeCristofano (@mariodc) August 21, 2016

WHY JO WHY? #PoshPawn

β€” J_mes (@jameseonline) August 21, 2016

Come on someone must know why Jo left. She was a right laugh.#PoshPawn #jo if your out there where ya gone girl

β€” Steve (@CovHarris) August 21, 2016

Why did Jo leave. She was great. #PoshPawn

β€” Steve (@CovHarris) August 21, 2016

#PoshPawn Jo was half the programme. Not the same without her

β€” Angie Goddard (@angiemgee) August 21, 2016

@PoshPawnTV where the hell has Jo gone ! #gutted #PoshPawn

β€” Louise Anderson (@Andersonwife75) August 21, 2016

Aww no. Where did Jo go @PrestigePawn @PoshPawnTV? Loved her so much #poshpawn

β€” ANDЯEW (@the_real_llew) August 21, 2016

Will miss #Jo on #PoshPawn she had a wicked sense of humour @PrestigePawn

β€” Alison Clarke (@alisonjclarke91) August 21, 2016

OMG! No more Jo!? Gutted!! That was the main reason why I "watched" #poshpawn
She was #hillarious

β€” Big_Bro_News (@Big_Bro_News) August 21, 2016

During the show viewers were baffled by a cat lover who wanted to pawn her handbags to build her pets a mansion.

"I want to build a mansion for my cat… A really fancy one" #PoshPawn @channel4 pic.twitter.com/q8TPKSQNDf

β€” Posh Pawn (@PoshPawnTV) August 21, 2016

2k for her cat to have a mansion. I can't deal LOL Each to their own. Mr Furless will know no different @PoshPawnTV #Poshpawn @Prestigepawn

β€” DIMPLES (@EastLondonBaby) August 21, 2016

A huge David Beckham sculpture, complete with tattoos, was another item appraised by Prestige.

"I think it's potentially got legs… although the sculpture hasn't" #PoshPawn @channel4 pic.twitter.com/Lrp38fKS40

β€” Posh Pawn (@PoshPawnTV) August 21, 2016