TV expert Charles Hanson made an embarrassing blunder during Antiques Road Trip when he accidentally broke a pricey vase.

In yesterday’s episode on BBC One, antiques pro Charles had just spotted two 19th century vases from Derby and couldn’t resist taking a closer look.

But as he ran a finger over one of the gold-painted handles, the delicate detail snapped off and he was left red-faced.

Charles Hanson had an embarrassing accident (Rui Vieira/PA)

He looked horrified while explaining: “It was stuck, and the handle, like on the side of a cliff, has just become detached, so… Don’t break my heart, you’re from Derby.”

A nervous Charles then shouted through to the shop owner: “William? Just a quickie… Just to let you know, it wasn’t me. I was just handling the vase and the handle has just become detached.

“I mean, a bit of glue… But what a lovely pair of vases.”

Oh dear @HansonsAuctions has broken something AGAIN #AntiquesRoadTrip #ButterFingers

— Antiques Road Trip (@AntiqueRoadTrip) September 12, 2016

As the scene ended, the shop owner whispered: “We’ll get that restored, no worries.”

But the embarrassment didn’t end there for Charles, who took control of a boat later in the episode and was told: “Can I just say, there is a speed limit.”