EastEnders – it’s all hard-hitting storylines, grim and gritty issues, and bin collection woes.


Monday night’s episode of the London-set BBC soap was not exactly a plot twist worthy of a doof-doof-doofer ending, as the residents of Walford flipped their lids over a change in council bin collections.

Is this the future of Albert Square? (Chris Radburn/PA)

Some new recycling boxes had arrived at houses in Albert Square, along with the shock news that from now on, the bin lorry will only be coming fortnightly rather than once a week to reflect recent recycling changes in the capital.

As you can imagine, this was the cue for the usual livid response from outrage characters, including throwing burnt toast into the street and even kicking bins. Gasp.

Lauren found the new bin schedule far too much (BBC)

Spare a thought for those with stinkier rubbish than the rest, too – poor Lauren Branning complained: “I know this sounds really bad, but sometimes I feel like this house is just full of dirty nappies and incontinence pads and stuffy rooms and bleach up my nose. Who knows what it’s going to be like when they’re only doing the bins every other week?”

Pregnant Whitney Dean chimed in: “Which bin do dirty nappies go in?”, but a confused Lauren couldn’t tell her.

Viewers were not exactly gripped by the latest storyline.

If you've been affected by any of the Bins and recycling issues in tonight's show, please contact the BBC support line on..#EastEnders #bins

— Jake Greenwood (@jakegreenwood) September 19, 2016

Sorry was tonight's episode of #EastEnders sponsored by Bins R Us? They mentioned bins more time than Sonia mentioned bloody Kettering

— Ben Bone (@Spiceyben) September 19, 2016

New Producer = New Bins Schedule 😂 #EastEnders

— Rayhan (@rayhanmaddy10) September 19, 2016

Are the residents about 5 years behind? Sure we've had separate recycling bins for years now :s #EastEnders

— Domm (@DommMcG) September 20, 2016

I love #EastEnders, I really do, but what the hell is this bins storyline? They just won't shut up about the bins and the bin collections.

— Laura (@LauraSparling) September 19, 2016

Let’s see whether this plot has been binned by the next episode.