The English town of Kettering has a new resident coming its way after EastEnders nurse Sonia Fowler landed her dream job there.

Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) was delighted to be offered a position in private healthcare and went around telling everybody how excited she was to move to Kettering. The only hitch was breaking it to her girlfriend Tina Carter (Luisa Bradshaw-White) that she didn’t want her to come along too.

Tina and Sonia (BBC)

Some Kettering residents were not so sure Sonia would enjoy their home town.

Catching up with #Eastenders. Never thought I'd hear #Kettering mentioned with the words #DreamJob. 😊 #home

— Cake Pixie (@cakepixie888) September 14, 2016

Haha haven't seen tonight's Eastenders yet as just got home but everyone's going mad cuz Sonia said she is moving 2 my home town Kettering!😂

— Emily-JennyFrostFan (@emilyblondee) September 13, 2016

Though others were bemused…

Don't you just hate it when you're walking round the Newland Centre and you keep seeing Sonia hahaha #Kettering #EastEnders

— Matt Earl (@mearl94) September 14, 2016

@Maleyart wrote: “Sonia’s coming to KETTERING!! So funny to hear your little home town on tv… cracked me up.”

One was completely exasperated at the timing.

In the same week that I move to uni and try to explain 48 times to my flat mates where Kettering is, it gets fame from Eastenders

— laura (@teckersx) September 14, 2016

This is not the first time Kettering has been weirdly singled out. After the EU referendum, Lindsay Lohan criticised voters in Kettering for their decision to vote to leave – sparking fury from local MP Philip Hollobone. A chastened Lindsay has agreed to visit Kettering to turn on their Christmas lights.

Lindsay Lohan (Ian West/PA)

First Lindsay Lohan and now Sonya Fowler! Kettering is getting itself a name in 2016! @bbceastenders #eastenders #kettering #ktown #LMAO

— Sophie Kaye (@sophiecrice) September 14, 2016

I'm hoping Sonia goes to see Lindsay Lohan turning on the Christmas lights in Kettering. #EastEnders

— Kyri Zindilis (@KyriZindilis) September 13, 2016

Another EastEnders fan reported meeting Danny Dyer in Kettering – perhaps he inspired Sonia’s choice of destination?

Met @MrDDyer at Remis in Kettering and rockafellas in Corby 5yr ago what a guy👌he should tell Sonia where it is on the map in #Eastenders😜

— james (@JamesRSlater) September 14, 2016