Viewers were treated to a glimpse of how the other half live tonight on the Channel 4 documentary My Millionaire Dads And Me.

The show followed round millionaire dads Tony and Barrie – who hit the headlines in the late 90s when they became the first gay dads in Britain – and their surrogate kids Aspen and Saffron.

Aspen received a Porsche for his 16th birthday – yep, one whole year before he can even legally start lessons – and seemed fairly underwhelmed by it. Much to the amusement of viewers at home.

(Channel 4)

As if this dad spent 110K on a porche for his sons 16th birthday and he said he's not into cars, haha in actual stitches #MillionaireDads

— Lo (@loisxjones) August 29, 2016

My Millionaire Dads and Me is making me well depressed the kid is 16 and got a Porsche

— F.E ♡ (@FernEdwards) August 29, 2016

Watching my millionaire dads and me.. And this lad just got a Porsche for his 16th and he wasn't bothered 😭

— victoriaaa (@heyitsvic_) August 29, 2016

Saffron showed a similar attitude when the family went shopping and she picked up a “bargain dress” for her 16th birthday party at $495 (£380) – and that’s when some people weren’t sure they liked the direction the show was taking.

Watching My Millionaire Dads and Me – what an ungrateful bunch of kids ! The daughter "things are better when they're expensive" 🙄

— Ally (@Ally1889) August 29, 2016

All this guy talks about is how much he's spent, or has, on 'My Millionaire Dads and Me'. It's actually so vulgar.

— Kassie Barker-Jones (@KassieBarkerJ) August 29, 2016

My millionaire dads and me….love it your Daddies….hate that your not teaching your children certain values.

— Fanny Fanackerpan (@debjones69) August 29, 2016

@Channel4 @Gaydads Thought #millionairedads was about gay parenting?Not how to raise spoilt rich brats who don't seem to appreciate anything

— A M I (@ATownell) August 29, 2016

However, no matter what people thought of how much the kids were treated to, they agreed the negativity the dads had received was very saddening. For some, it was very inspiring viewing.

Watching my millionaire dads and me, alright the kids are spoilt but the media backlash the guys have had for having children is so sad

— Catherine Bialley (@CBialley) August 29, 2016

@Gaydads Kids are happy and secure and LOVED.
Congratulations on building a beautiful family.

— Rico Scarz (@RicoScarz) August 29, 2016

@Gaydads so amazing to see a loving couple create a beautiful cherished family through #Surrogacy #millionairedads

— MrsGlitterFairy (@MrsGlitterFairy) August 29, 2016

@Gaydads Such a gorgeous family. I am admiring your sensible, well-behaved kids! You give all us broody gay men much hope! #Millionairedads

— Gerry Stergiopoulos (@GerryGreek) August 29, 2016

Always loved these guys!!! @Gaydads @DrewittBarlow beautiful parents, beautiful family! So much respect for them #millionairedads

— leanne (@memyselfleanne) August 29, 2016

after watching my millionaire dads and me

— ѕ♕ (@samanthamc_xo) August 29, 2016