Hull welcomed Leicester City to the newly-named KCOM Stadium for the Premier League’s opener, and while at times the first-half was tepid the season’s first goal might have been a Premier League first.

After a smart save from Kasper Schmeichel both Abel Hernandez and Adama Diomande attempted a bicycle kick from close range, with both seemingly making contact with the ball before it ended up in the net.

This looks perfect 👌🏻 #HULLEI

— M7mdd W. (@MohdW7) August 13, 2016

It caused a lot of confusion.

Haha is it a shared goal for the new season? 😂 #HULLEI #PL

— Jamal. (@JSW280) August 13, 2016

So if 2 players kick the ball at the same time…..who gets credited with the goal? 🤔#EPL #HulLei

— Stephen Balogun (@StephenBalogun) August 13, 2016

Lol that's two people's goal, never thought I'd see the day #HULLEI

— regis (@nvoregis) August 13, 2016

The only game ever to have more goal scorers than goals! #HulLei

— Up and Adam (@AmericanParade) August 13, 2016

The goal has been compared to a scene from obscure Japanese anime Captain Tsubasa.

Close enough #PL #HULLEI

— Saad (@SM209_) August 13, 2016

Some even thought the finish was pretty relevant, given that the Olympics is currently going on.

Synchronised scissor kicks is well Olympiad. #HulLei

— Dan (@ThatConnArtist) August 13, 2016

Diomande was eventually credited with the goal, but that didn’t dampen anybody’s spirits.

First goal is standard joint overhead kick 🙃 wtf #HulLei #premierleagueisback

— Brandon (@ToXxiicMonster) August 13, 2016

Double bicycle kick #HulLei #PremierLeagueisBack

— Billy Wood (@BillyWoodCC) August 13, 2016

Nor did it stop the bookies from paying out on Hernandez as first goalscorer!

We're paying out on both Diomande & Hernandez as first goalscorer as a goodwill gesture… #HULLEI

— Ladbrokes (@Ladbrokes) August 13, 2016

The Premier League is back!

Good to be back #EPL 🔥 #HulLei

— Rashid Burashid (@R_Burashid) August 13, 2016