As if he hasn’t had a rough enough time already by seeing his wife murdered on the cobbles, David Platt is about to get brutally beaten up.

The Coronation Street favourite has been spotted filming violent scenes where a burly bloke punches him in the face outside of a pub.

David, played by Jack P Shepherd, looks like he may have had his nose broken as blood pours from his face, while the much larger man pins him against a skip in the car park.

David has had a hell of a year already, what with his wife being murdered (Mark Bruce/ITV)

Poor old David lost the love of his life, Kylie Platt (Paula Lane) last month when she was stabbed by thug Clayton (Callum Harrison) in a scuffle outside the kebab shop and died in his arms.

Now he’s on the warpath trying to track down his wife’s killer, who is on the loose, and heads for The Dog And Gun which is Clayton’s usual hang out.

But of course, it’s where Kylie’s ex Callum Logan (Sean Ward) used to do most of his drinking before she murdered him and buried him under the cement of number 8′s new bathroom, so David isn’t exactly assured a warm welcome there.

David Platt said goodbye to wife Kylie last month (ITV)

Jack recently told Heat magazine: “Now he doesn’t have Kylie to rein him in, he’s on the warpath. Everything was going great and now he wants someone to pay.”

He said of what his ITV soap character’s future holds: “For now, grief and a desire for revenge, but in the long term it will be interesting to see what sort of person he will become.”