NASA Finds ‘Lost’ Space Probe

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After losing communication with a space probe two years ago, NASA says it has reestablished contact. NASA said it lost contact with the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatories, known as the STEREO-B spacecraft, on Oct. 1, 2014, but that on Aug. 21, the Deep Space Network (DSN) established a link with the craft. Contact with the probe was lost after a maneuver to try to prevent overheating of the ship’s antenna. STEREO-B is the sister craft to STEREO-A, both of which were launched in 2006 to study the sun and space weather. The spacecraft have contributed greatly to the understanding of coronal mass ejections, a bubble of super-heated gas and charged particles blasted into space from the sun’s upper atmosphere, the corona. STEREO-A is reportedly working normally. NASA said it will now have to test STEREO-B to see how instrumentation and other sensors are operating after two years. Both spacecraft are located on the other side of the sun from earth.

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