A theory that Massive Attack’s founder Robert 3D Del Naja is Banksy has been dispelled by the man himself.

“It would be a good story but sadly not true. Wishful thinking I think,” he told the Daily Mail. He does, however, know who Banksy is.

“He is a mate as well, he’s been to some of the gigs. It’s purely a matter of logistics and coincidence, nothing more than that,” said 3D.

Banksy artwork at “The Jungle” in Calais (banksy.co.uk/PA)

The theory gained life following some remarkable coincidences.

Massive Attack have been in the same location at the same time as new Banksy artwork in Melbourne in 2003, New Orleans in 2008, San Francisco in 2010, Toronto in 2010, and Boston in 2010, while a Banksy exhibition sprang up in Los Angeles in 2006 at the same time as the trip hop group were on tour there.

3D was potentially identified as the elusive artist given his background in street art.