With People Just Do Nothing back on the air, and the new season available on BBC Three, it also means the return of Chabuddy G.

The self-proclaimed Mayor of Hounslow, Chabuddy G’s latest short sees him take us to Hounslow High Street – or what he describes as “Ukip’s idea of hell on Earth”.

Chabuddy G – Timeline | Facebook

You can see the love Chabuddy has for Hounslow, it oozes from him. From the bargains on offer, to the authentic Italian suits… what’s not to love about it?

The People Just Do Nothing series started on YouTube six years ago as a mockumentary centred around west London pirate radio station Kurupt FM, filmed and edited by Asim Chaudhry aka Chabuddy G… sorry to break the illusion.

The latest series is just as good as what came before, and you can watch it here.