Matt Baker and Alex Jones have been marking the One Show’s 10th anniversary this week – but they were completely thrown when they asked guest Al Murray how his life had changed in the last decade.

The comedian separated from his wife Amber Hargreaves in 2008, and it seems he didn’t enjoy being reminded about it.

So… he made things awkward.

"What's the biggest change to your life in last 10 years?" His response? "I got divorced, 😂😂😂😂 @almurray #oneshow what way to start the show

— Samit Saini (@gr8ness247) September 6, 2016

Top stuff on The One Show – Alex: "How's you life changed in the last ten years?" Al Murray: "I got divorced! Thanks for bringing that up!"

— Steve Williams (@SkillageSteve) September 6, 2016

Matt and Alex struggled to recover.

@almurray think that stumped them !! #divorce

— Barry Eaton (@68bazza) September 6, 2016

@almurray Way to kill the one show.. LOL.. Mat's face.. ha ha

— Simon (@Simon_FFC) September 6, 2016

The One Show’s Alex Jones and Matt Baker (BBC)

It was great.

al murray you legend

— Chan (@SimeonChan) September 6, 2016

Other viewers had very different experiences over the past decade…

@BBCTheOneShow #theoneshow 10 yrs ago i met the love of my life-I hope he proposes soon !! Plus within the 10 yrs I started stand up comedy

— Naomi Hefter (@NaomiHefter) September 6, 2016

@BBCTheOneShow Me & @D1Ng087 got together in 2007, we've bought a house together, got a dog & on Sat we got married! #OneShow10

— Samantha Fantom (@SamanthaFantom) September 6, 2016

#OneShow10 @BBCTheOneShow we have had great fun saving the world over the last 10 years!

— SweetPea Pugs (@SweetPeaBreeder) September 6, 2016

10 years of The One Show? Meh, we all know it peaked in October 2014 #theoneshow #lightentertainmentlegend

— G Brannan (@garybrannan) September 6, 2016

The BBC current affairs programme is taking the time to look back on the best of their 2110 shows so far – with Angela Rippon and Joe Crowley joining to look back on their favourite moments.

Viewers were also treated to a clip of Matt tap-dancing in 2013 as he said goodbye to Television Centre, leaving him squirming in his seat – again.