We revealed the first images of the Middle Earth blu-ray collection the other day, and now here's a closer look via an official unboxing video.

For some reason Dominic Monaghan is the person opening this box on camera, presumably he was available… It leads to some awkwardness we must admit.

At least the set looks nice with its faux leather bound books and a shelf selected by none other than Peter Jackson- which seems like a bit of a waste of his skills. The extended editions of all six films are here, with some really great additions and some rather boring ones in the Hobbit films, though The Battle of the Five Armies gets a lot of new fun action.

There's also every special feature ever released to date, including hours of behind the scenes documentaries on each film. These are some of the best docs ever made, and you really should check them out. Plus there are four commentaries on each of the Lord of the Rings films, and only one on the Hobbit flicks.

A few new extras would have been nice, especially if the rumoured $800 (€710) price turns out to be true. The set comes out on the 1st of November in the States, we'll update when we have a local release date.