I know New Year’s Eve seems a long way away. We’re all trying to enjoy the end of the summer, and then there’s autumn to look forward to.

But we need to talk about the next Old Firm derby between Rangers and Celtic.

⚽ Rangers v Celtic
🏆 @spfl
📆 31/12/16
⌚ 12:15pm* Rescheduled from 3:00pm pic.twitter.com/W8Z0miHVMK

— Celtic Football Club (@celticfc) September 14, 2016

That’s right: the next time Rangers play Celtic in the Scottish Premiership will be on New Year’s Eve.

Nobody can understand how anyone thought it would be a good idea. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Rangers – Celtic 12.15pm New Years Eve pic.twitter.com/S2BWEyvB54

— Craig Anderson (@candersonfife) September 14, 2016

"Oh cool, Hogmanay is trending! Let's just have a quick lo…oh. Oh, God, no. No, no, no."

— Psych Tyson (@PsychTyson) September 14, 2016

So the next Rangers vs. Celtic game is on Hogmanay… Well I am sure Strathclyde Police are over the moon about that one!!

— TheJase™ (@TangerineJedi) September 14, 2016

Seriously, who makes these decisions?

Who on earth thought it'd be a good idea for Celtic/Rangers to play each other on #Hogmanay. Utter idiocy.

— Liam McNally (@MrMcNally) September 14, 2016

Scheduling a Rangers-Celtic game for lunchtime on Hogmanay is up there with Brexit for the worst decision of 2016.

— stuart braithwaite (@plasmatron) September 14, 2016

Nice to see #Hogmanay trending on Twitter today. Not! Does anybody else wonder if sports administrators live in a parallel universe?

— Neil Drysdale (@NeilDrysdale) September 14, 2016

Some wondered whether it was all part of a wider plan.

Glasgow city centre on Hogmanay after an Old Firm derby. Is this an experiment? Are we being experimented on? https://t.co/dAfIKdkvGr

— Peter A Smith (@PeterAdamSmith) September 14, 2016

Wait … some footage from the future is reaching us.

A sober person in Glasgow after the Celtic v Rangers match on Hogmanay. pic.twitter.com/im5ucoUtjM

— Jamie Ross (@JamieRoss7) September 14, 2016

Oh dear, oh dear.