The Great British Bake Off contestants whipped up some Yorkshire puds for the show’s first ever batter week but nobody at home seemed particularly impressed with their efforts.

Whether it was the wrong mixture or too many fillings, viewers at home were not impressed. Even Mary Berry was alarmed by some of the efforts.

(Luke MacGregor/PA)

By ‘eck lad… tha’s using paprika, cumin & red chilli in yer Yorkshires? 😮 #GBBO

— BBC One (@BBCOne) September 14, 2016

Do you hear that noise? That's everyone in Yorkshire shouting at the telly about what the contestants are doing "wrong." #GBBO

— Simple Si (@DadAndTwo) September 14, 2016

I don't agree with them putting funky stuff in yorkshires mind 🤔 #GBBO

— charlotte (@charlnaisbitt) September 14, 2016

None of them is keeping the oil/baking tray hot on the stove as they batter up. Hmm. *judgmental expert face* #gbbo

— chiller 48% ★ (@chiller) September 14, 2016

Here's a proper Yorkshire pudding. #GBBO

— Josh Barrie (@joshbythesea) September 14, 2016

Perhaps it’s no surprise Jane came a cropper.

Sorry Jane, even Jedi mind tricks won’t help you with these pudder disasters. 🙄 #GBBO

— BBC One (@BBCOne) September 14, 2016

i hate this so much I can't stand seeing them ruin yorkshires like this I'm offended #GBBO

— scar (@laurngerman) September 14, 2016

Have these people ever baked anything in their life? #gbbo

— Sabu (@Sabu_1993) September 14, 2016

Nothing wrong with a 'big puffy Yorkshire pudding' #GBBO

— Tyrrells Crisps (@Tyrrells) September 14, 2016

Identical? Little cups?? Curry filling??? They're Yorkshire puds, not vol au vonts! #GBBO

— Eve Equi (@EveEqui) September 14, 2016

Instead of putting the filling inside the Yorkie puds why not put it on the outside with 5x the quantity #GBBO

— Prezzybox (@Prezzybox) September 14, 2016


— Salty Parabola (@GimmeeBrains) September 14, 2016

But the other great debate came from a revelation that not everyone has Yorkshire puddings with Christmas lunch. Oh the controversy!

My face tonight after learning some people don't have Yorkshire puddings at Christmas #GBBO

— Olivia Grace (@livpurvis) September 14, 2016

Yorkshire puddings with Christmas Dinner??? What are you some kind of animal?? #gbbo #crazyfools

— Nicola (@NiKkIGxxxx) September 14, 2016

#GBBO Christmas dinner without Yorkshire puddings?!?!? An atrocity! 😂

— Sarah Jane Roots (@sarahrellyboo) September 14, 2016

but on a serious note who doesn't have yorkshire puddings at Christmas ??!! #GBBO

— Ciara O'Donnell (@Ciara_ODonnell1) September 14, 2016