Olivia Munn’s Epic 1ft Chop

It’s official, 2016 was the year of the lob. So much so that some celebs went to extremes to nail the short ‘do du jour. Namely? Super hot actress and X Men’s latest addition Olivia Munn, who lopped off a whopping entire foot of hair to join the bob club.

Olivia, we salute your commitment and that’s why you win the InStyle Transformation Babe Of The Year award.

J-Law And K-Stew’s Bleached Blonde Inspo

If they weren’t chopping their hair off, they were bleaching it. Yup, between J-Law’s silver tresses and K-Stew’s super cool bleach job, 2016 was the year Elsa from Frozen became our ultimate #hairinspo.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Stranger Things Shaved Head

If you didn’t lose yourself in a Stranger Things black hole of obsession earlier this year then, sort of well done you, but mainly, what were you doing with your life instead?? Stealing the show with the edgiest shaved head to hit our screens since Natalie Portman’s V For Vendetta buzz cut, Millie Bobby Brown proved less hair is more.

Emma Watson’s Beauty And The Beast Brunette

A dash of dark brown dye and a sprinkle of hair extensions and Emma Watson’s transformation into Beauty And The Beast’s Belle was complete. A sophisticated brunette overhaul for the smartest Disney princess yet, we’re feeling serious librarian chic vibes.

Chloe Moretz, Ariana Grande And Everyone Else’s Bangs

Is it just us or did every celeb EVER decide to work a fringe this year? Previously only appropriate for French supermodels or our 9 year-old selves, fringes made an unexpected but not totally unwelcome return to the red carpet with Katie Holmes, Alessandra Ambrosio and Hailey Baldwin going for the chop.

Even Ariana Grande took a detour from her signature half-up half-down ‘do to embrace her new bangs.Yup, fringes were serious business.

We’ll be copying Chloe Moretz’s cool-girl mussy fringe that screams ‘Oh, I’ve got a fringe? Didn’t even notice.’

Alanna Arrington And Sarah Paulson’s Curly Comeback

Curls are so hot right now.

No longer a scary hangover from the 80s, this time they’re undone, ultra cool and without even a whiff of a perm. Think less ‘Nobody puts Baby in the corner’, more off-duty model ‘I just woke up like this’.

Looking for inspo? Go no further than our new model crush Alanna Arrington. Making her debut on the VS catwalk back in December, she’s bringing sexy back to the curly girls.

And if you missed Sarah Paulson’s turn as intense investigator Marcia Clark in The People VS Oj Simpson, well let’s just say her curls didn’t go down well with the focus group, but we’re firm perm fans. Keep on curling Marcia.

Kylie Jenner’s Rainbow Wig Domination

If there’s a hair style Kylie Jenner can’t work we’ve yet to find it. From peach extensions and bright red boxer braids, to long and blonde and blunt ebony bobs, she’s smashed her way through every conceivable hair trend there is.

Her secret? Wigs, of course. Proving wigs aren’t just for drag queens or Halloween parties, KJ’s commitment to being a hair chameleon was the smartest social media move ever.

Yup, somehow she just made wigs cool again. Who’da thunk it?

Amber Heard’s Rachel Green ‘Do

A last minute December entry but still a total game changer comes courtesy of Amber Heard’s Rachel Green-esque new ‘do. Yes, we might have only just got to the point where hairdressers aren’t being asked for ‘the Rachel’ every other minute, but Amber Heard’s new choppy layers and shoulder length cut have just given our Rachel obsession a new lease of life.

What a difference a day makes, eh?

Claire Foy And Jenna Coleman's Royal Hair Inspo

We never thought the day would come when we’d post a pic of Queen Victoria on our hair inspo Pinterest board – but then again we never thought Trump would be President. So here we are. Between Jenna Coleman’s portrayal of the secretly chic Queen Victoria (check out those ear plaits) and Claire Foy’s perfectly coiffed 50s ‘do as Queen Elizabeth in The Crown, we’re seriously feeling a royal updo.

Continued below…

God save the Queen.