Could it be true? Could Elle Woods be back in a third Legally Blonde film?

Well star Reese Witherspoon certainly thinks it’s a possibility, and fans CAN NOT handle it.

The actress who brought us the “Bend and snap” revealed during a Facebook Live chat that she and movie bosses are “thinking about” a third instalment in the franchise.

And while it isn’t the first time a sequel has been rumoured – and not arrived – fans are getting excited.

If they come out with a legally blonde 3 I swear to god I'll die.

— Madison (@madison_milano) August 27, 2016

I swear if they make a legally blonde 3💕

— Kayte Isbell (@isbellkayte) August 28, 2016

@ETCanada @RWitherspoon PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! #LegallyBlonde3

— Kelly Powell (@kattstar) August 26, 2016

Reese Witherspoon is "thinking about" a #LegallyBlonde sequel: #bendandsnap 💓

— Myra K (@myra2geek) August 27, 2016

On a more important note, Reese Witherspoon mentioned making another Legally Blonde sequel. PLEASE GOD LET THIS HAPPEN.

— Dee (@DanielleLHayes_) August 27, 2016

Wait, could a Legally Blonde 3 ACTUALLY happen? YES PLEASE 🙌

— MTV UK (@MTVUK) August 27, 2016

Fingers crossed!