Cold Feet didn’t disappoint in its second episode, leaving fans just as warm and fuzzy as last week’s series opener did.

The plot was strong, the laughs were there. And emotions were flowing over as Pete’s mental health issues took centre stage.

Cold Feet (Jonathan Ford/ITV/PA)

There was just one tiny problem.

Manchester the UK’s second city? Many Twitter fans don’t think so.

There was a reference to it being the main city behind London in the latest instalment and plenty of viewers do not agree.

Many Birmingham residents in particular have been tweeting that they are unimpressed.

Manchester is the second city… WHAT????? I'm outraged!! #Birmingham #coldfeet

— Lottie Adams (@Lottie2012) September 12, 2016

Cue everyone in #Birmingham up in arms cos #ColdFeet just referred to Manchester as the UK's "second city"

— Lindsey Alder (@linds_alder) September 12, 2016

#ColdFeet Great new series.But Manchester is not Britain's second city! I'm sure it was just a slip. #Birmingham is Britain's second city😍X

— Dorothy Hobson (@hobsondp) September 12, 2016

Manchester isn't the second city, Birmingham is! #coldfeet #itv us brummies hate it when people say that ✋🏻

— Bonnie Cookson (@TheBonsta) September 12, 2016

Did I just hear right on Coldfeet Manchester is Britain's second city 😠think you will find its Birmingham #ColdFeet

— Sp4nnersavfc (@sp4nnersavfc) September 12, 2016

And then there were those who clearly believe it IS Manchester…

Never mind Second City we all know Manchester is the capital city of the world #ColdFeet

— karina g (@KMintyGinty) September 12, 2016

About bloody time someone said it Manchester IS England's 2nd City #ColdFeet 👍👍👍👍#Manchester

— chantell (@chantellmaria) September 12, 2016

"Manchester is Britain's FIRST city. London's full of bell-ends." We've got that in Latin over the Town Hall door.#ColdFeet

— Grace FH (@msgracefh) September 12, 2016

#ColdFeet is right #Manchester is the second city. Brummies saying#Birmingham is errrrrrr…

— Kirsty Wilkinson (@kwilko85) September 12, 2016