Michelle Keegan’s Our Girl character Georgie Lane has been rescued from the hostages but she now has another problem on her hands.

Observant viewers spotted that Georgie’s outfit and hair changed multiple times during a poolside scene, with her switching between and orange and white top and a blue vest, and changing hairstyles.

@BBC #OurGirl @michkeegan changes outfits every 5 seconds #WTF #EpicFail #Continuity pic.twitter.com/g3srObwalX

— Danny Maher (@DBPMaher) September 21, 2016

Oh dear BBC, bit of a continuity issue going on in #OurGirl tonight….chopping and changing between outfits and hair dos! 🙈

— Hannah Setterington (@HannahLSetters) September 21, 2016

@LizzieAslan also continuity!! She was wearing one outfit at the pool, another in the lobby, now back to pool outfit in her room! #ourgirl

— becky rehill (@missbickybecks) September 21, 2016

Anyone else notice that Lane wore two completely different outfits in the same scene? Brilliant continuity… #OurGirl #bbc

— Bryony Quinn (@bryony_q) September 21, 2016

Few continuity issues on #OurGirl 🙊

— Natalie Shah (@nattishah) September 21, 2016

Continuity error! She took the towel out the bag twice!? #ourgirl #bbc

— Sarah (@SDarbon) September 21, 2016

Someone just made a big editing mistake in #ourgirl 😬😬

— Sian Anderton (@sian_anderton) September 21, 2016

Did she just completely change outfit twice then in …bad editing #OurGirl

— Mrs Brit 💋🍝🍷🍸🏝 (@littlenic1976) September 21, 2016

Editing blunder on #OurGirl with the timeline and outfits. Oops.

— Jodie Davidson (@Jodez_91) September 21, 2016

But the mistakes didn’t stop viewers from loving the show.

#OurGirl oh my god.. my emotions are all over the place and honestly.. so heart breaking

— -lauren☽ (@ytislife00) September 21, 2016

#OurGirl got me crying 😢 love this programme. @michkeegan is just perfection.

— Marie Thomas (@mariehitchens) September 21, 2016

Our Girl is so amazing such a good tv series michelle keegan is brilliant #ourgirl

— Sasha McDonald (@sashajay100) September 21, 2016

Omg #Ourgirl is insane tonight 😱😱😱

— Livia Dixon (@LiviaMay) September 21, 2016