The son of a Chinese billionaire has given his dog eight new iPhones. Wang Sicong, whose father is billionaire Wang Jainlin, gave the phones to his Alaskan malamute, Coco and posted pictures on his Weibo account, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. Each phone cost nearly $1,200 in China. Coco is used to getting extravagant gifts from Wang. In 2015, he posted photos of the dog wearing two Apple watches along with designer wristbands, at a cost of more than $37,000. Wang, who is nicknamed “the nation’s husband” because of his status as an eligible bachelor, also courted controversy when he once reportedly said that the only thing that mattered in a potential girlfriend was the size of her breasts. China’s state run media has blasted Wangin in the past for his ostentatiousness, saying he had "stained the purity of the Chinese (people)" warning other to to emulate his “arrogant and coarse celebrity." So-called “buxomgate” ignited such a furor that Wang’s father went on national television to blame his son’s behavior on “Western schooling.”