Australian sprinter Melissa Breen travelled to her second Olympic games in Rio, proud to represent her country.

She ran well in the first heat of the 100m, clocking in a time of 11.74 – not enough to progress to the next round.

It seems this achievement wasn’t enough for one online commentator, who questioned why Australia even sent Breen to the Olympics.

No disrespect intended, but why did we send someone ranked 57th in the world in their sport to #Olympics #Rio2016?

— Steve Scicluna (@stevescicluna) August 21, 2016

Breen didn’t take this comment lying down, issuing a short, to-the-point slap-down, followed up by some positivity about the Olympic spirit.

.@stevescicluna I was the only Aussie to quaifiy in the 100m. The Olympics are more than wining a medal, if you were an Olmypian you'd know.

— Melissa Breen (@Melissa_Breen) August 21, 2016

*repeat offender – qualifying for every Australian Senior Team from the age of 19 💛💚 proud to represent 🇦🇺 @AUSOlympicTeam

— Melissa Breen (@Melissa_Breen) August 21, 2016

Breen has also moved from 57th to 55th in the world rankings during the Games, further proving her hard work to get there.