Whether down to the close proximity to Valentine’s Day, or just because the stars are swept up in the romantic spell that big winner La La Land has cast over Hollywood, hazy make-up that harked back to the golden age of Hollywood was the beauty big hitter at the BAFTAs 2017.

That said, the modern take on this romantic look isn’t saccharine in the slightest, thanks to the clever addition of sharp lines and the odd punch of colour. Here’s our edit of the best – and the secret to avoiding looking too cutesy when channelling the look:

Taylor Hill

Why it works: Graphic, lined eyes + lightly bronzed skin + petal pink lips = the beauty equation that wins every time.

Try: Learning your lines with Lancome Grandiose Liner, which is the precise – ahem – eyeliner that make-up artist Charlotte Wood used on Taylor.

Naomie Harris

Why it works: The matchy-matchiness of Naomie’s lipstick to her blush pink dress has been given a injection of interest courtesy of the soft cloud of deep blue around her eyes.

Try: Mixing pastels for a similar effect. Remember to blend, blend, and blend some more, around eyes to keep the edges of the colour soft.

The Duchess of Cambridge

Why it works: Kate’s make-up is a winner thanks to the not insignificant power of blush. Without the wash of pink on her cheeks, this lined look may look staid. With it, it’s glowing and modern.

Try: Dancing blush over the fattest part of your cheeks (smile to enhance this area if you aren’t sure of where it is). If you’re new to blush, start with Nars Orgasm – it’s universally flattering.

Nicole Kidman

Why it works: This look is all about subtle enhancements; a veil of foundation, a little blush, a hint of lipstick and a wash of eyeshadow are all Nicole’s sporting. Oh, and she’s also added some killer lashes to up the ante and frame her blue eyes.

Try: Keeping your make-up to a bare minimum but loading up your lashes – Smith & Cult Lash Dance Mascara does the job nicely.

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Emma Stone

Why it works: Despite wearing a lined eye and brick-coloured lips, there's a youthfulness to this look thanks to the barely-there foundation and shimmer surrounding Stone’s eyes.

Try: Dusting a little sparkly eyeshadow along the inner corner of eyes and lower lash line to lift a more done look. Tom Ford's Eyeshadow Double Decked is a good option – just press the glittery shadow onto skin.

Thandie Newton

Why it works: Yes, this takes the romantic in a more gothic direction, but the rosy blush and cascade of loose hair have breathed life into this polished look.

Try: Playing with the intensity of your wine-hued lipstick. For just a hint, tap colour onto the centre of your lips and mix with a balm. For a full whack of colour, run the bullet over freshly-exfoliated lips, blot and add a second coat. Get your hands on Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry to mimic Thandie's look.

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