What do you do if you’re an huge international sporting star in a press conference and you get bored of answering the same questions yet again?

Well, if you’re Lewis Hamilton, you get your phone out and start making your own entertainment.

(Eugene Hoshiko/AP)

Possibly the 31-year-old didn’t want to chat about the the incident in Malaysia last week when his engine blew up and he went on to hint at sabotage from within his own Mercedes camp – or the fact he’s 23 points behind Nico Rosberg going into the Japanese Grand Prix.

So instead he got on Snapchat and made hay with the filters.

(Lewis Hamilton/Snapchat)

In the middle of the press conference, Hamilton showed the videos he’d taken to Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz – that’s him on the right – and they all had a chuckle.

Asked what was going on, Hamilton replied: “It’s quite funny. Just some snaps of us drivers. We’ve been doing this [format of press conferences] a long, long time and it’s the same. Just got to keep adding new things to it.”

(Lewis Hamilton/Snapchat)

Some of the media weren’t terribly impressed.

I agree, the FIA press conference format is static, but you can't defend this. pic.twitter.com/yBRoXBymkA

— Ben Hunt (@benjhunt) October 6, 2016

But somehow we don’t think Sainz was too bothered.

Hey @LewisHamilton no offense but my mum says im the cutest of both 😜 pic.twitter.com/8fwprhH5We

— Carlos Sainz (@carlosainz) October 6, 2016

As for last week’s blow-up, Hamilton said it seemed “the guy above” didn’t want him to win. No conspiracy after all.