Get to know Adam Nessim: the young student-doctor who helps the next generation of premeds get into Medical School

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Adam Nessim has been on his own medical journey since he was very young. As a high school student-athlete, he understood how important it was to have the right medical care. His first exposures to the medical system were the orthopedics office and yes, the operating room. It’s not easy being an athlete.

The doctors that helped him recover from his various injuries inspired him to choose his career path. Being able to bring health and hope to other people’s lives is what keeps him going. It also makes him want to help future aspiring doctors enter the career of their dreams.

Adam knows how difficult the medical school admission process can be. His experiences were often challenging and nerve-wracking — as he recalled: “The process is a good exercise in having a thick skin, being able to take rejection, and not taking anything too personally.” 

He clearly handled everything spectacularly, as he graduated from Cornell University with a 4.0 GPA, earning a Bachelor of Science with High Distinction in Human Biology, Health, and Society in the process. Along the way, Adam scored in the 90th percentile on his MCATs.

Understanding the commitment required to pursue a career in medicine, he decided to create The Pre-Med Consultants. There, he helps students navigate the complexities of applying to medical school so they too can achieve their dream. The Pre-Med Consultants program is a step-by-step advising process that guides students through their pre-med career and medical school application process. 

As we’re sure you can imagine, balancing the life of an entrepreneur and a med student is not easy. Adam, however, found the perfect solution, one much simpler than you might imagine. His strategy? Waking up early. 

According to Adam Nessim, you can get an incredible amount of work done if you wake up at 5 in the morning. That’s when the rest of the world is still sleeping and you can focus entirely on yourself. It doesn’t hurt that he truly loves and enjoys entrepreneurship. When you love what you do, a 5 AM wake-up call is no trouble at all.

That said, Adam is aware many med students simply don’t have the time to do much else. So he developed the Ultimate Pre-Med Advising Program with them in mind. It consists of four steps that help aspiring students fulfill their goals of becoming a successful med student: 

  1. Proven Process: Adam and his consultants turned the guesswork associated with pre-med into a predictable, almost formulaic process. Students follow practical, step-by-step instructions that are proven to work and optimize their chances of acceptance.


  1. Mindset Re-programming: Adam invented an entirely new way to think about pre-med. Here, students discover who they are, their interests, biases, habits, and behavior patterns. This knowledge about who they truly are and what they truly want actually reprograms their brain for high performance.


  1. Expert Mentorship: No matter how good your training is, you’ll always have questions. Adam’s program offers 24/7 access to pre-med experts via their Facebook group, weekly Livestream Q&A’s, and email.


  1. Premed Community: It’s hard to change your life when you’re surrounded by the same people all the time. Instead, pre-med students can join an active community of other pre-meds. Here, they collaborate, advise, seek advice, practice interviews, make friends, and most importantly, have fun!

What ultimately made Adam’s entrepreneurship grow into what it is today? Simple: Adam understands the importance of social networking and collaboration. The pre-med world is too difficult to go it alone. His approach has allowed him to reach thousands of pre-med students who are looking for the guidance that he offers.

If that’s not worth waking up at 5 AM for, we don’t know what is!

You can find Adam Nessin through his Instagram, TikTok, and website.

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