Could Walford have a brand new ice cold killer in the making?

On Thursday, fans saw crafty Aunt Babe reveal that it was really Abi Branning who locked her in the freezer – not her sister Sylvie Carter, who she had pointed the finger at as a convenient way of getting her out of the way.

Revealed: Abi Branning is the notorious freezer locker of Walford. #EastEnders

— BBC EastEnders (@bbceastenders) August 18, 2016

Babe (Annette Badland) looked like she was burying the hatchet with Abi (Lorna Fitzgerald) when she helped her to get her job back at the pub – but once they were alone, the plot twist was revealed.

The recently refrigerated Babe said: “You did me a favour in a roundabout way. My family think it was Sylvie who shut me in. Poor old dear will be under house arrest from now on.”

Abi said: “It’s a pity you didn’t freeze to death,” and Babe replied: “I taught you well, girl. Except, I’d have finished what I started…”

The doof doof doof moment had the desired effect for many fans.

OMG it was Abi not Sylvie who locked babe in the freezer wtf😮 @bbceastenders #EastEnders

— soph✌️ (@sophnorton) August 18, 2016

Some viewers were only sorry that Aunt Babe eventually thawed out.

good on abi for locking babe I'm that freezer she should have froze to death #eastenders

— rach (@qoldmagic) August 18, 2016

Others thought Abi could probably do with a career change at some point soon.

Aunt Babe and Abi work together again? Recipe for disaster.#EastEnders

— Melvin (@MTKigz) August 18, 2016

Abi’s actions definitely earned a big thumbs up from viewers sick of Aunt Babe’s slyness.

Oi Oi love Abi for locking babe in that freezer, when can I lock someone I hate in the freezer?!

— chloe (@ChloeCarringto1) August 18, 2016

So it was Abi who locked Babe in the freezer 😱 well done Abi 👍👍 @bbceastenders #EastEnders 🎬📽🎭📺❤☺👍

— ♥Kezza_Lou♥ (@KerryLouiseRoss) August 18, 2016

EastEnders continues on Friday at 8pm on BBC One.