Twitter was on cute overload on Monday night, as viewers shared pictures of their adorable pooches tuning into Kate Humble’s new show.

The former Countryfile and Springwatch presenter set out to breed Welsh sheepdog puppies from her beloved pet Teg in the BBC’s Kate Humble, My Sheepdog And Me, and fans lapped it up.

The social networking site was flooded with snaps of dogs nestling down on the sofa to watch Kate and Teg’s adventures.

Teg watching her programme. On the sofa. With Ludo…

— Kate Humble (@katehumble) August 15, 2016

Watching @katehumble – my sheepdog & me. Piper keeps looking at us, amazed. "Dogs with jobs! Are you seeing this?!"

— Victoria Hedges (@Hedgeees) August 15, 2016

Hey @katehumble I’m loving ‘My Sheepdog & Me’ #BBC2

— Jemima Puddledog (@Jemima114) August 15, 2016

@katehumble my Harvey is enjoying yours & Tegs adventures, it's fantastic 🙂

— Kate Doherty (@kate_doherty18) August 15, 2016

@katehumble . My Bertie watched the whole programme at the bottom of the bed. He thought it was great. X

— Larry Ashurst (@larry58) August 15, 2016

Humans watching without four-legged friends also fell in love with Teg.

Genuinely sat and cried through "Kate Humble, My Sheepdog and Me." 😭😭😭

— Tori Erskine (@torierskine) August 15, 2016

Sorry Olympics. I know you’re only once every 4 years but BBC2 has got Kate Humble. WITH SHEEPDOGS.

— saltwater itch (@saltwateritch) August 15, 2016

@BipolarBasecamp You need to watch Kate Humble's dog on iplayer. Best thing on TV in days! Cuteness factor off the scale!

— Yvonne Johnston (@Whyjay99) August 15, 2016

How many times can I watch @katehumble Welsh sheepdog program? Turns out every time it's on, four? #puppies

— Susan Jasper (@SusanJasper) August 15, 2016

And it that wasn’t enough, its ending tipped us all over the edge – she had puppies!

Kate Humble’s puppies (BBC)

@katehumble Teg's pups were gorgeous! #puppyEnvy x

— debbieflint (@debbieflint) August 15, 2016

@katehumble #teg wonderful programme. Made me quite puppy broodie! 🐶💗

— Marianne Robinson (@maffie71) August 15, 2016