Zubin Atré is an Author, Sports Yoga Coach, and Founder of AtréYoga.

We had the pleasure of interviewing him about his journey.

What got you interested in yoga:

I started practicing as a child together with my father, who has always been a dedicated yoga practitioner. Yoga accompanied me while I was growing up and focusing on my studies ( I first studied physics and biology and later business and management). After completing university I decided that I wanted to transform my passion for yoga into my profession and thus ten years ago I founded the AtréYoga Studio. I love designing yoga-based sport programmes and i am also very interested in the bio hacks of everyday life as well as in the latest developments in space exploration and how yoga can work in synergy with them. I’d love to help Elon Musk train first humans to be space travel ready. 

Tell us about your book writing process… 

We have been holding partner yoga classes at the AtréYoga Studio in Delhi for quite some time. We started almost for fun and it quickly became very popular with our regular students. As the demand for partner yoga increased, we conceived more dedicated classes and workshops. From this very positive feedback came the idea to condense my experience with partner yoga into a manual that could allow a wider public to benefit from this amazing practice. This is how “It Takes Two to Yoga” was born. The book extensively explains the benefits of partner yoga and its varied applications. Moreover, it guides you through a vast selection of asanas you can experiment with a partner. It is the first time a book on partner yoga is published in India by an Indian author and the response of the readers has been very positive.

What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

Definitely the fact that I always get to meet new people. I strongly believe that evo individual is unique and knows something which I don’t. So it makes me particularly happy to be able to come across so many different people thanks to my profession and to share with them my knowledge of yoga. Everyday packs something new from a gift to a lesson!

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