Simon Cowell’s girls might just harbour the winner of this year’s X Factor, but the real entertainment from this week’s Six Chair Challenge came in the form of Nicole Scherzinger’s boys.

It was the most dramatic round yet, with a huge shake-up towards the end of the show involving Christian Burrows and Matt Terry, but first…

Christian Burrows (Thames/Syco Entertainment)

Mike Hough kicked off the auditions for his category, and despite all six chairs being available, he still had to put in a second song before winning one.

However, he did a whole lot better than Will Rush, who appalled judges with his self-penned track that was mainly a series of vowels.

The unexpected star was James Hughes, who thrilled the crowd with his version of Tina Turner classic Proud Mary, complete with a very energetic dance.

This James kid on the X Factor Who performed 'Proud Mary' needs to be my best friend like right now

— Shannon Conlon (@Shannon_Conlonx) September 24, 2016

this guy singing proud mary on x factor is me circa 2011 in spain being forced into a hotel talent show

— Abigail (@straightgirlsue) September 10, 2016

Matt Terry disappointed a little with his audition, but the viewers didn’t care – they were a little distracted by something.

why is louis tomlinson on the x factor again? #XFactor

— Georgia (@negansgirI) September 24, 2016

This 1D clone boy will be in the final #XFactor

— Benny (@Beno_ldn) September 24, 2016

Freddy Parker split opinion when he was swapped with Conor McGinty to get a seat – after being asked to perform his first audition again because it was better than tonight’s.

Oh c'mon… you can't put him through because he can sing ONE SONG. #XFactor

— Elliot Gonzalez (@elliot_gonzalez) September 24, 2016

Is Freddie supposed to sing the same song every week? It's the only one he can sing! #XFactor

— Czar Josh Ventura (@theczarisalive) September 24, 2016

There were more big shocks to come with the seat swaps – Nate Simpson gave one of the best auditions, but had to take away Mike’s seat, and Christian Burrows had to fight it out against his pal Matt.

WHAT IS GOING ON?! These two are the best boys, why are they having to pick between them two wtf😡😡#xfactor #SixChairChallenge

— Soph (@SophieCll) September 24, 2016

But in the most dramatic Six Chair Challenge twist yet, after the sing-off Nicole decided to keep both of them, and booted Italian contestant Luca Valenti.

Na the #XFactor stresses me out. It's so fixed but I will see you all tomorrow at the same time to moan about it even further.

— Lukie (@MaliseTweets) September 24, 2016