Leaves on the line, the dog ate it, and now… too windy to sing.

It’s not exactly a classic excuse for lateness, but it’s the one Sia was apparently forced to give this evening when her V Festival set was delayed by the weather.

Sia was hampered by the wind (PA)

The Chandelier singer, known for her dramatic, arty performances, didn’t turn up on stage at the Chelmsford hub for the festival at the planned time and waiting crowds were offered a statement to explain her initial no show.

According to Digital Spy, it read: “The live Sia show is not possible because of the wind. We are doing everything in our power to provide you with a show despite Mother Nature.”

Would Sia push Justin Bieber back? (PA)

Well, it is true that the weekend has been blighted by some unseasonably bad weather so far. But for some, the real issue was how this would all impact on the main event – headliner Justin Bieber, who is due out after Sia.

Sia's late for stage and everyone is screwing saying she's gonna make Justin cut some of his set. Everyone here for bieber

— J (@AhoyBieber) August 20, 2016

Luckily, stage crew managed to navigate the weather woes and get Sia up on stage, meaning all should be in place for the Beliebers to get their fix of Justin later. Phew.